Suicidal Angels (July 2018)

Suicidal Angels were set to headline the third day of Schoolwave festival 2018 in Athens. After a year and a half, we got to work together again through a rather adventurous show, capturing some behind the scenes, preparation and of course the full performance of the band.

It wasn't an easy show by any means. While the first two days of the festival were conducted under great weather conditions, on Sunday the weather started changing in the early evening. According to the forecast, the rain would have ceased by 20:00 but unfortunately this wasn't the case... Upon my arrival at the venue (which was an open air theater), I saw a bunch of kids waiting at the bus stop outside of the gates, and at that point I really feared that the show was cancelled. The doors eventually opened with a two-hour delay, while the drizzle came and went. After some tests, and mopping litters of water off the stage, the organizers decided they could give it a go and start the show. 

By the time Suicidal Angels got on stage, the rain had completely stopped and the band was restless. Two songs in, however, the power failed. Some quick action from the crew (and rightful cursing from everyone) later, the problem was resolved and the band was able to continue. It was probably one of my favorite shows I've seen them playing. The lights were exceptionally good, as was the sound. There was a camera operator in the photopit, meaning I had to calculate my moves in order not to distract (or collide with) those guys, and them not interfering with my frame -and of course keeping an eye not to step on their chord. From what I heard after the show, there were plastic bags covering parts of the stage so it was impossible for the band to step forward towards the monitors out of fear of slipping. That essentially meant that they weren't always well lit, and that their headbanging was partially hidden by the monitors. 

All's well that ends well, however, and no one was electrocuted. Despite the lower turnout, the kids that braved the rain had the time of their lives.

Fun fact: I first met Orfeas, their drummer, at Schoolwave circa 2007(-ish).

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